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Cover image of the novel Doing Time Outside

Doing Time Outside is the last novel of a trilogy. Each novel is written to stand alone. Book 2, Night Navigation was published in 2009. Book 1, Rope & Bone was released in 2014.

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Doing Time Outside

The Morletti women have a problem named Rudy Morletti. Bad habits and manic choices have landed him in jail. His mother, Carla, promises bail only if he agrees to tough conditions; his grandmother, Angela, presses him to go to Confession, but that being unlikely, she focuses on getting him the best attorney recommended by the jailhouse lawyers; and his sister, Tess, a vet tech student, hopes her summer internship working with chimpanzees will lead to a job at an exotic zoo far, far away from all of them.

Listening to the voices of the mother, the sister, the grandmother, and Rudy, we begin to hope Rudy will make it; that every time the phone rings, it doesn't signal a crisis. But then there are no calls, and the silence is even more frightening.

Compelling, gritty and funny, Doing Time Outside, travels the back roads of family life to better understand what it means to be tied by blood and love to the world of mental illness, addiction and incarceration.

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If you are a family member or friend of a person incarcerated in a correctional facility, your life has changed in many ways. Some call this “doing time outside.”

Whatever you may call it, this time can be painful and difficult for you. Changes have to be made in order to maintain the relationship with your loved one.


This handbook was designed to help you better understand the correctional system. We hope it will guide you as you cope with these changes in your life.

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